Project Spotlight: Stair lift installation in Blue Springs

Project Spotlight: Stair lift installation in Blue Springs

Photo of a stair lift being installed in Blue Springs

Damon, a resident of Blue Springs, MO, contacted us about a stair lift installation for his in-laws home. Residing in a house undergoing extensive remodeling, both of Damon’s in-laws faced mobility challenges. The stair lift was deemed crucial to facilitate their daily movements, especially since they were planning to reside in the basement.

Post consultation, Damon reached out again to inform us the remodel was nearing completion. He asked for a speedy installation of the stair lift, a task we promptly accomplished the following day. Once finished, the installation seamlessly complemented the newly remodeled house. Damon was immensely grateful knowing that his in-laws could now navigate the stairs effortlessly, enabling them to reunite with the rest of the family.

Photo of finished stair lift in Blue Springs

The integration of the stair lift into their Blue Springs, MO residence not only provided Damon’s in-laws with newfound independence but also facilitated a sense of togetherness by removing the physical barriers imposed by the stairs. The enhanced mobility within the home brought joy and relief, allowing Damon’s in-laws to participate in family activities and gatherings without the hindrance of restricted movement, significantly improving their overall quality of life.

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