Project Spotlight: A custom Bruno stair lift installation in Lee’s Summit

Project Spotlight: A custom Bruno stair lift installation for a client in Lee’s Summit

Image of a stair lift being installed in Lee’s Summit

Recently, George from the Lee’s Summit area reached out to us regarding the installation of a stair lift in his home. During our consultation, it became evident that George faced health issues. He was no longer able to navigate the stairs to his basement office without feeling fatigued and breathless. This challenge required a stair lift to navigate more than one flight of stairs and make a 90-degree turn halfway down. The bespoke requirement mandated a custom-manufactured stair lift from Bruno tailored explicitly to fit George’s stairway configuration. Upon receiving the customized stair lift, our team efficiently completed the installation within approximately 3 hours. George proved to be a delight to work with, expressing profound gratitude once the installation concluded. His joy was palpable as he experienced the newfound ease of riding the stair lift.

Image of installed stair lift in Lee’s Summit

The successful integration of the stair lift into George’s residence in Lee’s Summit, MO, marked a significant improvement in his daily life. The custom-designed solution provided George with the ability to navigate multiple staircases effortlessly. It also granted him the independence to access his basement office without physical strain or discomfort. The relief and satisfaction George experienced were evident. Now he can move up and down the stairs seamlessly, enhancing his productivity and comfort within his home.

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