Home modifications for seniors in Kansas City

The Most Common Home Modifications for Seniors in Kansas City

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At Independent Home Solutions, we provide homeowners with the specialized solutions they need to maintain their freedom at any age. The majority of our customers remember a time before these solutions were so accessible, so we take the time to walk them through every option for their home. 

We love to talk to everyone we help, but we value education just as much as a good conversation. That’s why we’ve decided to share our most common home modifications for senior living in Kansas City.

You Can Do What?!

Just because we’re well-versed in the best features and solutions for homeowners doesn’t mean everyone is! One of the most common barriers to independent senior living in Kansas City is understanding every option available. Instead of spending another night on the couch or only getting fresh air through a window, the people we help are able to live happy, independent lives. 

Many things that people take for granted become extremely difficult as we age. So here are a few ways we can improve a home for more comfortable senior living in Kansas City:


Even though our founder, Dan, is a former US Marine, there are days he wishes he could skip the stairs! The seniors we serve have many conditions that make their stairs feel like climbing Mount Everest. To make that monumental climb as effortless as the press of a button, we offer flexible options for stairlifts.

Better Living With Bruno

The most popular American-made stairlifts come to Kansas City courtesy of Independent Home Solutions. Bruno stairlifts are some of the most commonly installed solutions in homes across the country for many reasons. With Elan and Elite stairlifts, we can integrate fully customized solutions for almost any indoor staircase. 

Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift 10


These stairlifts integrate effortlessly into the overall design and functionality of a home with compact, intuitive designs. While we install these solutions for senior living in Kansas City, Dan secretly dreams of these solutions in his own home after leg day!


Thankfully, a shower is just as routine as going to the gym for Dan. But for many seniors we serve, showers can be a scary part of their daily routine! The only thing scary about showers should be forgetting a towel. That’s why Independent Home Solutions offers custom, accessible shower installation

Take a Stand (Or a Seat)

Since everyone’s daily routine is different, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Every shower we build is unique to offer effortless daily routines for senior living in Kansas City. In our at-home walkthroughs, our pros talk about seating preferences and take measurements to determine where everything will be placed for maximum comfort with minimal effort. 



The showers we install are also designed for zero to minimal step height to further alleviate any fears of a slip and fall. By promoting mobility throughout the home, daily routines are almost complete, but everyone needs to go outside sometime!


As you head to work or run errands, take a second to think about how you get out of your home. Many people take stairs for granted as they go about their daily lives. But for seniors with limited mobility, even a couple of stairs can prevent them from leaving their homes! To promote active, independent senior living in Kansas City, our team offers an array of ramps

Flawless Footwork

These solutions keep life moving for those who find it difficult to make confident strides over time. Independent Home Solutions offers custom ramps and lifts to make the trips outdoors easier. With modular and three-step ramps, we offer customizable solutions for homes of every shape and seniors of all abilities. 



We also offer vertical lift platforms and outdoor stairlifts to further the possibilities for customization in any home. From the backyard to the front porch and everywhere inside the home, we’re proud to provide impactful solutions for people of all ages and abilities to live full, independent lives.

Independence and Peace of Mind

Whether you’re finding it hard to live your daily life or know someone who is, you deserve peace of mind. To retain confidence, independence, and safety, it only takes a call or a click. Contact our team or get a free estimate online from the pros at Independent Home Solutions.