At Home Independent Living for Seniors in Kansas City

How We Promote Independent Living for Seniors in Kansas City

Independent Home Solutions is proud to help so many people age safely in their homes. As we looked for ways to use our home-building skills to help people, we found a largely underserved community in America’s heartland. Since 2006, we have continued to devote our lives to providing truly independent living in Kansas City. Here are a few of the life-changing modifications we install in homes every day:

Solutions for an Independent Home

When we first rolled up our sleeves to help seniors age in place, we had no idea how much of an impact mobility and accessibility had on their lives. But through the years, we’ve found the best solutions that bring tears of joy with every installation. Independent living can mean many things, so here’s what each solution means to our customers:


One of the most common accessibility modifications are ramps. From your favorite church to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, a simple ramp can make a world of difference for those with limited strides. Ramps typically take the shortest amount of time and are the easiest to install, so when we plan a project for independent living in Kansas City, we take special care to preserve the form and function of a home.


Taking Confident Steps

Whether you need a wheelchair ramp or just want to be sure of your footing, we provide options to help you take comfortable, confident steps outside. At Independent Home Solutions, we offer 3 types of ramps to suit every customer’s needs and help them live independently at home. 

Modular Ramps

For most homes, modular ramps are a great decision even before homeowners really need them. The ramps we install are made of stainless steel to withstand all four seasons in the Midwest. Each plate is specially designed to provide slip resistance and traction, even in unfavorable weather. The total cost, durability, and versatility of this option make it one of the most popular ways we promote independent living in Kansas City.

Three-Step Ramps

Even one small step for man can feel like a giant leap for seniors. That’s why we recommend three-step ramps. While these are typically simpler than modular ramps, this solution makes a huge difference when the small steps are scary. Instead of having to go around the backdoor or always needing a hand, these ramps keep independent living within reach.

Vertical Lifts

On some home walkthroughs, we find that ramps simply aren’t an option. Kansas City’s oldest neighborhoods come with some of the most treacherous terrain when it comes to accessibility. Instead of ruining the beauty of historic homes or moving out altogether, we recommend a Bruno VPL for homeowners who want to enjoy every level of their own home.. 


For many homeowners we help at Independent Home Solutions, stairs are the enemy. Too often, we meet seniors who haven’t seen the second story of their home in ages. We believe that no one’s life should be limited to only one story. That’s why we’re passionate about installing stairlifts. Just one small home modification gives seniors a new chapter in their home with independent living in Kansas City.

Elite Curved Stair Lift 18

Take a Seat

In your own home, you deserve to be comfortable and safe on every level. So while it may initially feel like giving up, our customers will tell you that taking a seat is a lot easier than taking the stairs. Stairlifts have been around for over a century, but now they’re evolving to serve more people in more places than ever before. These are the three ways our customers can take a seat for independence in their own homes:


Most staircases in homes we serve are straight, but not all are at the same angle! That’s where our capacity for customization comes into play. Before we order your stairlift, we take detailed measurements to ensure a secure fit every time. The Bruno Elan is our go-to for compact design and incredible features that help make mobility effortless on every level.


Not every staircase is completely straight, but that doesn’t stop our pros. With the Bruno Elite system, curved staircases are a breeze for seniors who love their home just the way it is. This system is fully customizable and comes with an array of features that keep mobility easy throughout the home. Without the fear of falling, independent living in Kansas City is possible with just one press of a button.


Stairlifts aren’t just for inside the home anymore! Outdoor Bruno Elite stairlifts keep every space of the home accessible so that seniors can enjoy every square foot. From the front porch to the backyard, seniors are able to take a seat to enjoy their great outdoors. Every solution we offer in this segment is built to reliably stand up to all four seasons. With a seat everywhere you need it, independent living in Kansas City is more possible than ever!

Accessible Showers

Many of us take showers for granted, but for millions of seniors across the country, the tub is one of the scariest places in their homes. Slips and falls are all too common reasons our crew gets a call. But if you could save thousands of dollars and hours of agony, why wouldn’t you? By keeping barrier-free bathing within reach, we provide a crucial part of independent living in Kansas City for seniors.

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Forget Fears of Falling

Every accessible shower we install is completely custom-built to provide seniors with the security they need to wash the day away. Our options include flush mount entries, grab bars, and custom seating options to make safe showering possible. As showering stress washes away, seniors find that they’re able to live independently in every part of their home, worry-free. 

Building Your Independent Home


Before any progress can be made, we need to get a lay of the land first. Our at-home estimate begins with a walkthrough of your home. This helps us to understand the unique needs of our customers and any obstacles that their home presents to comfortable, independent living. 

While some installers may charge fees just for climbing the stairs, we complete a comprehensive walkthrough completely free. The stories we often hear as we plan modifications are payment enough. As we complete our walkthrough, we’ll discuss budgets and timelines, and we’ll answer any other questions homeowners have. Before we leave, we’ll schedule the preferred installation time and share pricing options.


Ramp and stairlift installations take only one day, while walk-in showers can take two or more, depending on the extent of custom fixtures we install. We include the price of installation in the total cost of every solution we offer to keep pricing clear and easy for every homeowner. 

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As we install solutions for independent living in Kansas City, it’s common to hear amazing stories from the people we help. While we use our expertise from years of multi-million-dollar projects, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as improving someone’s life over just a few hours. 

To streamline your installation, we suggest clearing the area we’ll be working in. We also suggest scheduling your installation at a time when you’ll be home to ensure that our installers can get in and out on time. Our crew respects every home just as much as we do our own, so don’t worry about muddy boots or leftover dust from our crew; we take pride in our projects before, during, and after installation.


At Independent Home Solutions, we install every modification to stand the test of time. But everyone needs a little TLC now and then! As we finish every installation, we work with homeowners to help them understand the features and regular maintenance of their modifications.

Ramps and accessible showers are rather intuitive, but stairlifts can be a different story. To make stairlift operations effortless, we’ll share the features of every button on the remote and walk through daily use. Every indoor Bruno stairlift includes a limited lifetime warranty on major components. Outdoor Bruno stairlifts include a 5-year gold warranty that covers most major repairs. As an authorized Bruno dealer, we’re happy to honor these warranties to keep homeowners living independently without worrying about costly repairs.

Costs Related to Independent Living

When weighing the pros and cons of assisted or independent living, cost is always a major factor for homeowners and their families. Assisted living is tempting for some families because the amenities may seem like a bargain. However, in 2023, the current national average cost clocks in at over $5,000 a month! To save money and get the same peace of mind found in assisted living, we keep our pricing options fair and affordable.

Stairlifts currently cost between $3,400 and $10,000. Ramp installations can run from $6,000 to $10,000. Finally, walk-in showers currently run between $12,000 and $15,000, depending on the fixtures we use. For less than the price of an average year in assisted living, we provide independent living in Kansas City for years to come. 


It’s important to keep in mind that our current options are not covered by Medicare. However, we don’t expect every homeowner to have thousands of dollars lying around. That’s why we offer some of the most flexible financing options in our industry. Our estimate builder, Wisetack, integrates financing into every estimate within the $500 to $25,000 range. This ensures that everyone’s rates are tailored to their individual needs and credit score. 

We Support Independence

At Independent Home Solutions, we don’t just install industry-leading accessibility solutions. We promote independent living in Kansas City to help everyone age comfortably in their own homes. Freedom is precious to everyone, regardless of their age. So secure your freedom and peace of mind with a free estimate today!