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Frequently Asked Questions: Does IHS offer stair lift rental?

stair lift rental

“Well, I tore my ACL playing men’s league hoops. Can I rent some type of stair lift thing to get down to my man cave and watch the Royals? I’ve been looking into a DIY solution…but my kind, patient wife suggested I ask a professional. Thanks!”

Sean from Overland Park

Sean, you’ve married a smart woman. We also get this question a lot, so to double-down here in the Kansas City market:

We absolutely offer stair lift rental. IHS celebrates independence (hence, our name) and we look to provide the same to our customers, many of whom only need a temporary mobility solution. Our team of professional installers will come do the job as if it were to last forever. Then, they’ll also come back once you’re done with it and make it look like it was never even there.

In this case, we were able to repurpose one of our like-new Bruno units to get Sean down to his man cave in time for first pitch. It required no further modifications (to either the stair lift or the house) and resulted in a prompt, cost efficient solution. One that required no changes to the physical structure to the house, left no trace, and was as temporary as the surgery recovery period. And, importantly for Sean’s wife, no worry about further bodily harm due to DIY gone wrong.

At the end of the day, we understand that mobility restrictions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are we. Our team of professionals are dedicated to finding solutions for everyone. Regardless of whether that need is permanent or temporary, the IHS team will get you moving again.

NOTE: Due to the custom nature of curved stair lifts, we only rent straight stair lifts. Straight lifts are more out-of-the-box, while curved lifts are engineered to fit specific dimensions of a non-traditional staircase.

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