Project Spotlight: A custom Bruno stair lift installation in Leawood

Project Spotlight: A custom Bruno stair lift installation for a client in Leawood

Photo of a Bruno stair lift in Leawood

Raymond from Leawood, KS recently inquired about a bespoke stair lift solution for his home. During our consultation, Raymond mentioned that his in-laws were moving into their basement and needed help with the stairs. Raymond opted for a Bruno Elite custom curved stair lift due to its stellar reviews and appealing design. The installation of the stair lift proved to be a seamless fit for the beautiful house, meeting both functional and aesthetic needs. Witnessing the joy and relief of Raymond’s in-laws upon using the stairlift underscored its importance. It also promised their safe and convenient access between floors while fostering a sense of togetherness for the entire family.

Side facing stair lift in Leawood

Folded stair lift in Leawood


Moreover, the incorporation of the Bruno Elite custom curved stair lift into Raymond’s home in Leawood significantly transformed the dynamics of daily living. Beyond its practical benefits, the stair lift became a symbol of inclusivity and independence, allowing Raymond’s in-laws to engage more actively with the family and comfortably access different parts of the house. Its sleek design seamlessly integrated with the house’s aesthetics, enhancing its overall appeal while serving as a vital mobility aid. The newfound ease and safety in traversing the stairs not only brought immense relief to Raymond’s in-laws but also alleviated concerns for the entire family, fostering a more connected and harmonious living environment in their Leawood home.

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